30 Day Style Pact

30 Day Style Pact – #30DAYSTYLEPACT

30 Day Style Pact

January has been a crazy but fun month! The first official StylePact challenge was launched and we are well on our way to the end! The light is at the end of the tunnel, and we have a compilation of some of our style faves to remind us how much we are really ’bout this life! It’s a great way to look back and see how we have grown in our style walk and as well as aspire to be even more stylish! Join in on the 30 Day Style Pact!

The #30DAYSTYLEPACT was created to share your individual style with all of your instagram buddies, and get them hip to where you take your style inspiration from. I mean we can only post so much selfies and quotes right? It has been the perfect challenge for those who may just be joining instagram, or like myself strayed from the instalife for a minute.

I was very happy to share my my style pics with all of you lovely ladies and gents. Hats off to all of you who have been participating. I am loving your stylish ways! Only a few more days to go! Lets rock it out baybee!! <3

– Entice

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