Racism: Is The World Racist?

Racism Mac Cosmetics

“Racism’s still alive, they just be concealin’ it” – Kanye West

Racism is alive in our world today. It’s a topic many like to dodge and tip toe around, but it is a REAL issue. It’s an issue that affects millions of people. And it’s really sad that after slavery, it’s an issue that is still HUGE in our society and all over the world.

So unless you have been living under a rock somewhere, or you don’t have instagram; I’m sure you’ve heard about the beautiful image that MAC Cosmetics posted. It’s of an African American model’s lips. Baby girl’s lips are so full, and so amazing and she is rocking that lipstick shade beautifully. Yet there are hundreds of troll comments on there filled with such hate and ignorance.

It was really sad for me to witness that racism is still alive and well in the world today. No child is born racist, so it’s obvious that racism is something that is still actively being taught. As I was scrolling through the comments it was shocking to see hate being spewed from all different ethnicities. Both men and women joined in to leave their careless opinions on this photo.

With it being black history month, I was even more shocked. The month of February was meant to celebrate the achievements of black culture. And I wonder if that was one of the aims of Mac posting this photo. Nevertheless, regardless if it was or not. The racism I witnessed on this one image was just disgusting.

One thing that did make me smile, was realizing that although racism is still rampant in the world there are many enlightened people. It wasn’t a black vs white debate anymore. Instead a lot of caucasian’s left comments of how embarrassed they were by all the racist comments that were being made. And although I applaud them for being embarrassed for comments made by fellow caucasians. There were other races like middle eastern and asian. Both males and females that felt the need to spread the racism even further.

I think it’s very interesting how many cultures and ethnicities appropriate african culture. They get tans to look darker, they get surgeries for fuller lips and to adjust their body types, and they take the fashions also. Yet they turn around and hate the very people that they take these things from.

On a lighter note, it was very interesting as well to realize that to date; this beautiful image is the most liked and commented on image on the entire mac account. Beyonce said it best in her latest song “You know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation”. 

Side note: Big shout out to mac for keeping the pic up! A lot of other companies would have been shook and taken it down. As there were many people claiming that they would boycott MAC because of the image.

Do you think racism is still alive? Where do you think it’s more evident? Please leave your comments below, and keep it classy. I’m not mac. I will delete the BS.

featured Image: Photo credit: raphaelstrada via Foter.com / CC BY

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