The Self Love Pact – #TheSelfLovePact

The Self Love Pact

The Self Love Pact was just a thought at one point. Me answering my own question. What does the world need more of? It’s obvious. Love. How can I help in some small way to achieve this? Loving myself more, and helping others understand the importance of loving themselves also.

Excitement rushed through me as I thought about how amazing it would be to empower men and woman with the ability to love themselves. Especially at a time where being in a relationship is glorified. The month of February was perfect. So I didn’t waste any time. I put in all the work I could to create #theselflovepact. Slowly but surely it came together.

Butterflies in my stomach when launch day came. Not sure how people would receive it. Not sure if anyone would really be helped by it. Regardless I still felt the need to get the message out there. I am so glad I have had the opportunity to share it with all of you.

Obstacle after obstacle ensued. Battle after battle I fought. Through the tears, and the exhaustion of taking a simple thought and turning it into a 4 week program has been tremendous. Everything that could go wrong did. On launch day a national internet outage that had me without internet for upwards of 2 hours.

Intense. The feeling of give up. Don’t launch. Who cares? Negative thoughts that pop into your mind before you’re about to make any major leap. The anxiety comes in and all you want to do is retreat back to the safety of your comfort zone. But I felt the fear and did it anyways.

In these past 3 weeks, I have learned so much. I have grown so much. I have faced the wrath, and inconsideration of those closest to me. Yet I press on in this journey to love myself. This journey that has consisted of forgiving, positive affirmations, showing gratitude to myself and appreciating what is around me, to this final week of sharing love with those around me. I have no regrets.

I truly hope that #theselflovepact has helped you in some way shape or form. I hope that you feel inspired, and empowered. I hope that you will share love this week. And that it won’t end on Saturday night when the month comes to a close. I hope you will spring into March keeping yourself first and realizing that loving you is one of the most important things that you can do.

The past couple of weeks I have been asking myself, what if… what if I implement these steps on a daily basis. All 4 steps every day. How amazing would I feel? How much would that change my life? How would that impact the lives of those I come in contact with? Only time will tell.

I hope you have enjoyed this journey, and that the final week of the self love pact is something that you will do with open hearts and open minds as we continue to love ourselves like never before. I love you all. Thank you for being apart of the #stylepactlife.


– Entice

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